What Is The Best Eyeliner

I have spent a lot of time talking about some of the best mascara brands on the market, but I don’t want to neglect the other part of our fabulous looks – eyeliner! Applying eyeliner properly is almost as important as which type and brand eyeliner you use. Almost. Being able to apply eyeliner correctly over and under your eyes is an art form learned with much patience and practice. As women know, you can accentuate your eyes more naturally or go for a dramatic look. It does not matter if you use liquid eyeliners, pencil eyeliners or even cream eyeliners you can still go for any look you want!

Best Eyeliner Reviews

As far as choosing the best eyeliner for you it will again depend on the look you’re going for!  There are pencil eyeliners, liquid eyeliners, cream eyelinersSome of the looks used with eyeliners are the cat eye, smokey eye, natural look.

My experience has been that liquid eyeliners are the best for achieving the cat eye look. You start with a thin line near the corner of the eye which becomes thicker at the outer corners going past the lash line and curving upward.( think Taylor Swift!) For the smokey eye, I find pencil liners are easiest to use.

A quick guide for the smokey eye is to first use an eyelid primer to control oiliness, use a lighter base eyeshadow up to the brow then line your eyes with your favourite eyeliner with the thicker part of the line in the centre of your eye. Next, put a darker colour eyeshadow on your lids up to the crease then SMUDGE (using a Q-Tip of your finger) until the eyeliner is blended with the eyeshadow.  For any look, you want there are so many incredible eyeliner colours to choose from!  I especially like the ones made specifically for your particular eye colour. Please let us know your preferences!

Liquid Eyeliners Reviews

Although there are pencil and cream eyeliners that are gorgeous when used, liquid eyeliners deserve a special mention since they were the first type of eyeliner ever used. And liquid eyeliners still to this day have a unique quality and look that produces the best results for any version of the cat eye or any dramatic look.  It does take practice to accurately line your eyes with liquid eyeliner. You do need a steady hand so if you need extra help try propping your elbow on a table to steady yourself! But the results are so worth it! There is no other eyeliner that can give you a cool retro look like old time movie stars ( Marilyn Monroe anyone!).

Those iconic actresses from the golden days of Hollywood looked so sexy with their eyes lined in black liquid eyeliner!  Liquid eyeliner is just an excellent choice for any look that requires precision that is just not possible to achieve with pencil or cream eyeliners. And of course, liquid eyeliners come in so many beautiful colours that you can mix old world glamour with new fresh colours!


Waterproof Eyeliners Reviews

I think the two most important discoveries for us women are waterproof eyeliners and strapless bras! And thanks to the makeup industry at large, we finally have waterproof eyeliners that work! These waterproof eyeliners won’t smudge, smear, or end up in the corners of our eyes! And they are available in all of our favourite colours whether you prefer liquid, cream or pencil eyeliner. And since most of us women are under a lot of stress every day whether its children, work, or both we all need to be ready if we tear up or worse! So, everyone, it might not be a bad idea to purchase a good, high-quality waterproof eyeliner as a staple for your makeup bag.

So, whatever you end up choosing as the best eyeliner for you whether it is liquid, cream, pencil, Waterproof or non-waterproof, be sure to purchase the one you can not only live without but also lives up to the demands of your everyday life! Your eyeliner along with your mascara and other makeup should always make you feel and look beautiful every day, no exceptions!

Erotic Massage Oils

Technical deep tissue massage?

For therapists in particular: Always start a massage with the clients faces down? I say this because I usually take time to relax at the beginning of my treatment. Since my problem is my space areas C4/C5 and my lower back, I wondered if I could be a better idea if the next time you go for a massage to start on my back? Oddly enough, for now, I’m on my back, in general, I’m as relaxed as I can sleep, even for a deep tissue treatment. Thanks in advance.

I was a massage therapist license and serves the customer, which makes it comfortable. Was to receive a massage, and ask them to work at the point of my only problem, and still would not. If your paying for it make sure you have what you want! Be clear and tell them, and if you do as you feel comfortable, go elsewhere! If you are doing right to massage and is seeing a chiropractor is no longer going to recover.

The Chiropractor puts her back in place, and muscle spasms that pull out. You massage to break by back spasms will eventually be in place, and your body will stop making contractions. Your body tries to keep homeostasis, which means that once you get a sense, tends to want to continue. Just get them to want to stay relaxed. Any tender points, pressing on it with your finger in the upper back of your neck where his skull bones are, it is necessary to push with your finger without lifting a finger to move in small circles. And any point on the top, you can achieve. All hooks together. If the gluteal muscles hurt when you press on them, is not the same, only with your four fingers. If your pain does not, then that will not heal.

If you sore then rub a little olive oil on the sore spots. I do every time someone uses baby massage oil, mineral oil that is in me to do a massage. And be sure drink plenty of water after a massage. Instinctively find someone who knows where it hurts and hits all the right points, not everyone has this gift, but if you can find someone who does, you are cured. I have all the better world that I worked, and worked in auto accident cases, but I lost that job because they improved so fast, and we had new people coming in! The chiropractor was right, Thomas, went to do some other natural therapies also to expand its business and wanted to keep getting people well despite losing return business.

Life Without Mascara

I’ll tell you how it all started.  Some months ago I started considering how many products I require to beautify myself on a daily basis (face wash, anti-aging serum, night cream, sunscreen, concealer, mascara, lip gloss, hair gel, hair straightener, etc., etc.).  Besides the fact that a trip to target was a weekly occurrence (to the sincere chagrin of my husband) and that my cabinets and shower were full, all of those beauty products take time to apply and soak up money that might be spent elsewhere.  I was wondering if this stuff is so necessary, how have women lived without it for centuries upon centuries?

At about the same time, I came across this popular exposé: The Story of Cosmetics.  It has been around awhile, so you’ve probably seen this unsettling little film, but if not, I highly recommend watching it.

Since we are on this topic,on this site you can also find pretty usefull informations about what are the best mascara for sensitive eyes.

Once I realized that I was essentially dishing out money to pour unhealthy (and entirely unnecessary chemicals) onto my body (and thus, into my body), I thought this is truly insane.  So I started paring down.  First I ditched the hair straightener (not a chemical but damaging nonetheless).  That was so liberating that I then I attacked my nail polish, my perfume collection and, finally, my face products and cosmetics.  I gave my nail polish the boot, kept only the perfumes that seemed safe (more on that another time).
Yes, mascara.  That one cosmetic that many of us just CANT LIVE WITHOUT.  I just couldn’t find a mascara that was natural, safe (according to the Environmental Working Groups Cosmetics safety database; this is a great resource for all manner of personal care products) and that worked.  I tried several kinds of natural mascara which did not work well and finally switched back to my usual drugstore mascara in despair.  I couldn’t imagine giving it up.  My eyes would disappear, my nose would seem bigger, I wouldn’t be as pretty.

Finally, I thought, to hell with it.  And something amazing happened.  When I gave up mascara (and in general, switched to very minimal make-up), I began to feel more beautiful and more confident.  This is the same thing that happened, by the way, when I switched entirely to unlined/very lightly lined bras.  I might be less like a model, but I have a beauty that is all mine, naturally and healthfully.

Make-up can be glamorous and fun (when it is non-toxic), but it can also be a crutch.  It is impossible to be truly confident when you feel phony.  If you were to truly ask yourself, am I enhancing my natural beauty or hiding behind my make-up, which would be your answer?  For me, for a long time, I was hiding.  Don’t get me wrong, if I have circles under my eyes, I still conceal them.  I curl my eyelashes; I wear lip gloss.  But I look like me.

The problem is that seemingly everyone wears mascara.  Female newscasters, models, family members, friends, even girls at the gym.  It seems that the person who skips it will look tired or less cute.  What I find shocking is that many women feel that not wearing make-up makes them seem less professional.  This is a bogus standard (and a double standard considering that men don’t have this pressure.  And why don’t they, aside from tradition?).  Let’s stop this.  Let’s stop taking evil glee in those stars without makeup articles, let’s stop reaching for some ideal of perfection that doesn’t exist, and let’s stop making make-up an expectation rather than optional thing that one does for fun.

When painting ones face is as natural as brushing one’s teeth, we’ve got to stop and evaluate.  Especially if those cosmetics contain chemicals that harm us.  The beauty industry bases so much of its advertising on fear: you will look older than your friends if you don’t use this anti-aging cream (read: you will be worthless if you look old).  Listen, I’m a bit of a girly-girl, and I do think that makeup has its place, but I don’t like to support an industry that profits from my insecurities.